Location Based Services

Location Based Services refers to the identification of locations and the associated services that are available at those locations.


Example of the types of applications menus: Mobile-e-SolutionsEssentially locations can refer to almost anything where services are required and data is needed to be recorded. For example, locations could be:-

  • specific control points on a security guard’s patrol route
  • specific service users on a domiciliary home care worker’s daily schedule
  • buildings and offices for cleaning on a contract cleaners nightly roster
  • individual pieces of equipment to be serviced by a visiting engineer
  • individuals clocking in to work premises
  • and many more

Locations can be identified using RFID tags, QR Codes, Bar Codes, GPS Location or any combination thereof to suit the needs of the particular implementation.

With GPS positioning it is possible for you to see the where your staff have visited using Google Maps, and to be able to interrogate each visit on line and in real time. Moreover, your staff can interrogate the location and get information back about that site (e.g. work to be done, special circumstances etc.).

Location Based Services

Location Based Services

We have also the capability of utilising ‘virtual locations’. This is where you determine the GPS position of a location (e.g. a street corner) where it is impractical to place a RFID tag and set it up as a virtual ocation within Solo. When the user is within (say) 10 metres of the GPS location the application can be activated as though the user has touched a real tag!


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