Lone Worker Protection

Lone Worker Protection involves so much more than simply equipping your lone workers with panic alarms!


Lone Worker Protection using SoloRemote from Mobile-e-SolutionsWith today’s corporate manslaughter legislation now in force, you need to ensure that your business has proven procedures and systems in place to ensure the safety of your lone workers.

Who is a Lone Worker?

Lone Workers are not simply Sole Traders. They include staff that frequently work away from their fixed base with clients or the general public (e.g. home care workers, estate agents etc.). They may also work out of normal hours (e.g. cleaners, security guards, key holders etc.). They may even be office workers who work alone in their own office but hold meetings with the public or clients!

If you have a separate reception area in your office, the receptionist may also be classed as a Lone Worker. SoloRemote from Mobile-e-Solutions can help you to know where your lone workers are, what they are doing and at what time.

Appointment monitoring allows you to be pro-active and set up key appointments for your staff. The system will automatically send out alerts to senior managers if staff fail to meet those appointments. This gives you sufficient time to contact the member of staff to check that they are OK and then invoke your company procedures to contact the emergency services if necessary – you will know where your worker is as they will have ‘tagged’ in using their mobile phone on arrival.

PAnic and PAssive (PAPA) Alerts!

We  provide two types of alerting processes as backup insurance for your lone workers.

Lone Worker Pritection from SoloAdvancePanic Alerts

Emergency RFID tags can be attached to name badges or even every day objects. When your staff member feels threatened he or she can either touch their NFC phone to the tag or move the tag to the phone and it will dial a pre-determined number (e.g. your security centre our our out of office control room).  Supervisors will then be able to hear what is happening and summon emergency services should the need arise.

Passive Alerts

If a lone worker is visiting somewhere for the first time, SoloRemote lets them record details of the visit and estimated time at the visit. If the worker then fails to return (say) to his car, within the time specified to record that he is safe then SoloRemote will then trigger the alerting process to inform supervisors that a worker has failed to check in after a new visit. Supervisors will then be able to try and contact the worker directly and determine whether the emergency services should be called.

Mobile-e-Solutions can help you have a happy, secure, protected and productive mobile work-force! Please <contact us> for more information about Lone Worker Protection.


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