What is NFC?

NFC stands for “Near Field Communication“.


NFC allows mobile phones to share information and read RFID tagsNFC is a system for very short range two-way wireless connectivity. It uses short-range radio frequency (RF) technology that allows an electronic reader to read small amounts of data from other devices or tags when brought next to each other.

Mobile-e-Solutions uses mobile phones that are equipped with NFC and, in these solutions, the reading distance is a few centimetres.

NFC technology evolved from a combination of contact-less identification or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and interconnection technologies. Touch-based interactions offer mobile phone users an intuitive and easy way to connect, collect and share with mobile devices.

How does NFC work?

NFC is based on contact-less and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions, which consist of a tag and a reader. The reader, when activated, emits a short-range radio signal that powers up a microchip on the tag, and allows for reading a small amount of data that can be stored on the tag.

NFC is different from other contact-less or RFID technologies in that it has a very short operating distance and also allows two devices to interconnect. The effective distance of an NFC solution depends on the tag design and the reader.

About NFC

With an NFC enabled mobile device, its user can easily access services or operate his/her device functions, e.g. different connectivity options. The user just needs to touch a tag or share information or an object by bringing two devices close to each other.

When the user touches the tag, his/her device reads the content of the tag and executes it into action. The user only accepts the execution, e.g. opening a web page, calling a favourite number, or sending an SMS text message. Similarly, by touching an enabled device such as a TV, the mobile device can send a picture to it simply as a result of the touch.

NFC benefits

  • Improved usability and a better user experience
  • Easy access to services and content from physical objects
  • Convenient sharing of digital items between devices by bringing them next to each other
  • Local payment and ticketing capabilities
  • All the services offered by Mobile-e-Solutions Ltd


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