Asset Tracking

SoloAdvance, when configured for tracking important business assets is an easy-to-use mobile phone asset-tracking solution.


SoloAdvance for Asset TrackingSoloAdvance can be engineered to suit the requirements of the service or supply company and its clients.

This solution, whilst it can apply to almost any product to which you can affix a tag, is particularly appropriate to larger assets that a company sells and then regularly services or maintains throughout that product’s life.

By fixing RFID tags to these products and then touching your mobile phone to these tags, your staff can track the assets as they arrive at your premises, move through the warehouse to actual dispatch to your customers.

Tagging ensures that all movements of items are recorded as and when they occur. When the products are delivered, by your staff, to your client’s sites, the items can be tagged and recorded to which customer they have been delivered and in what location within the customers site they have been installed.

Mobile-e-Solutions use passive tags and utilise the NFC technology inbuilt into the mobile phones as detectors.

Your field service engineers, when they visit your client’s site to service or repair this equipment need only touch the tag attached to the product to record their arrival / departure and to record what type of work was carried out and any problems that occurred.

asset tracking fro Mobile-e-SolutionsIn other words, our solution provides you with a system for mobile stock monitoring – wherever that stock may be – in real time – all using a mobile phone!

The service / supply company collects in-field data quickly and more accurately, helping them provide a better service to their clients and giving them immediate visibility of field staff visits and data logged by workers.

Web-browser based reports and enquiries allow both managers and clients to access real-time information that can also automatically be transferred to your own main operational system.


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