Mobile Data Capture

Remote Data Capture using SoloMobile


Solo can be used for remote data captureSoloMobile is purely a remote data capture application that allows companies to develop their own menus that allow staff to record information whilst on site. It does not rely on RFID or NFC and should work on most android devices.

This solution is aimed at the business where your remote staff do not visit the same clients on a regular basis or where it may prove difficult to place a RFID tag.

We can configure phone menus to suit the type of operation that your remote workers operate in. In this way you can have a menu for sales reps that is different for service engineers (say).

In this way, we can tailor what remote data needs to be captured by employee, to meet the exact needs of your business.

All kinds of remote data can be captured from employees – sales reps timesheet and travel data, job information and statuses from field-workers, even questionnaires from your HR department can be distributed this way for employees to complete.

Data is returned instantly to our back-office databases, thereby providing you with an up-to-the-minute picture of worker’s activities. This also totally eliminates previously needed paperwork and the time and errors associated with re-keying that data into your systems.

It easy for you to create the phone functionality you require and mass-distribute it over-the-air to different groups of users, allowing you to obtain real-time data about WHO they are, WHAT they are doing, and WHEN.

All without needing any kind of additional or special device – just a standard android mobile phone.

the captured data can be instantly viewed in the officeAs a service or a supply company your staff collects in-field data quickly and more accurately, helping them provide a better service to your clients and giving you immediate visibility of field staff visits and data logged by workers.

Web services can be written to update your own back end systems to ensure that all of your business is kept up to date – as and when things happen in the field.


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