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Solo TimeBox –  Clocking in on Site


Solo Timebox a static device for clocking in and out of a clients siteSolo TimeBox, from Mobile-e-Solutions Ltd provides the equivalent of a “Clocking-In” machine, to capture the arrival and departure of staff from a fixed point.

This is in effect, a static mobile phone type of device with a very limited function. It is a typical ‘touch & go’ application that can record staff going into and out of client’s sites.

The TimeBox equipment can be located in the reception area of your clients premises. Members of staff will have their own personal RFID tags and will touch the front panel and then press the IN or OUT button.

There are 6 additional buttons that can be tailored for individual applications to capture site specific information (i.e. like a computer check box).

A typical example of how TimeBox could be deployed would be for Office Cleaners, whereby a TimeBox is placed inside the office entrance and cleaners touch it with their tag when arriving and leaving.

Each TimeBox will need its own unique SIM Card for operation. All data is transmitted to our normal back end database for immediate interrogation.

Solo TimeBox is easily installed as it merely needs to be fixed to a wall, and is mains powered (with a battery backup) for ease of use.

Solo TimeBox makes it easy for you to deploy an application to monitor WHO arrived/left a particular site and WHEN.


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