The following news story appeared on the BBC web site on 11th January 2008:-


An NFC or Near Field Communication tag is the technology that allows devices to communicate with each other simply by being put close together and they are starting to be incorporated into phones.

When a phone with built-in NFC is near a Bluetooth speaker, also with NFC built-in, the two devices can pair and work together. In some countries we can already buy tickets on the web and use handsets to redeem them when we get to the concert.

In Japan they already use this kind of technology to pay for things. The phone knows how much is in your bank – the transaction takes place with a simple swipe.

NFC chips in photo frames due out this year will automatically recognise a friendly phone and start the transfer of your pictures or print them out again without wires or the need to manually set up a Bluetooth connection.

“NFC isn’t just about phones. Imagine being able to take your home remote control and touching it to all the different components you’ve got and all of a sudden you’re miraculously connected,” explained Deborah Arnold of the NFC Forum.

“Or the same thing in your home office, if you were to take your mouse and touch it to all your devices you have a wireless office. NFC is very intuitive.”

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