Mobile-e-Solutions are pleased to announce that the  latest version of the mobile phone RFID solution  contains additional features to help protect lone workers in potentially hazardous or even dangerous situations.

As well as “overt” notification functionality, the product now allows for “discreet” notification too – whereby the worker wishes to request assistance without making their potential assailant aware that they have done so.

For DISCREET lone worker protection, the solution operates as follows:

Worker carries an NFC-enabled mobile phone with our software on-board that they may also be using for their daily work tasks

They carry an item with a passive RFID tag inside it – that is their ALERT tag which could be a pen, a matchbox, thermometer, etc….

When they feel threatened, they simply put the ALERT tag close to their phone – inside the same pocket, or next to it on the desk

The phone immediately sends a silent alert to the back-office system, providing a database record and notifying any monitoring staff

At the same time, the phone silently dials a pre-defined number, allowing the person on the end to listen in, speak, or record what is happening.

For OVERT lone worker protection the solution operates in a similar manner but the phone can beep and vibrate to let the employee know that their alert has been sent. In these cases the employee could have an alert tag sewn into their uniform, embedded in their id card, etc.

Reslink’s use of  “context-sensitive” tags (patent pending) makes this possible as the phone application is able to distinguish an Alert tag from other types of tags that the worker uses during their daily routines to prove where they are and what they are doing.

Jukka Hautala, Reslink MD comments: “it’s an all-in-one solution – real-time proof-of-attendance, data capture, and now lone worker protection, all available via the users’ mobile phone”

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