Within the mobile ‘proof of attendance’ solutions from Mobile-e-Solutions have always been able to provide a ‘tag goes to phone’ scenario where a person has an RFID key fob, id card or bracelet and goes to a static phone that they touch to prove their attendance at that phone.

A big issue has been how to secure that phone so that it cannot be vandalized or stolen – without having a person permanently manning the location.

We now have the answer…


SoloAttend using a secure outdoor phone holderThese are weather proof, secure and lockable phone holders for use in all weather situations, either indoor or outdoor. There is a touch pad on the front of each box, behind which is the NFC part of the mobile phone. The user simply touches his tag to the pad and our software does the rest – a truly ‘touch and go’ scenario.

There are three types of phone holder: –

  • Wall Mounted Box.
  • Solar Powered Post (illustrated right)
  • Non Powered Post.

Whatever solution is chosen, the phone inside is running the RFID solution, in a ‘touch and go’ scenario and every time a person touches the pad in the holder with their tag, the phone instantly transmits that information, via GPRS, to our back-end database.

There will shortly be a release of the software (for the phones) that will transmit an ‘I am still running’ signal every few minutes (if there has been no tag activity). This will enable managers to be able to monitor remotely, that the device is still operational.

This is a very cost effective method of providing a remote clocking machine that can be used & located almost anywhere. For a remote location this product allows you to know who, where and when personnel visit a site.

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