The following article appeared in the Chorley Guardian on Wednesday 8th October 2008: –

A Chorley businessman has become one of the first in the UK to sell an innovative piece of mobile technology that allows firms track their employees.

Mike Lister, director of Whittle-le-Woods firm Digital-e-Brochures Limited has set up Mobile-e-Solutions Limited to market and sell RFID tags that work with mobile phones to prove that staff have visited premises or attended meetings.

mike lister wiht nokia 6131 & RFID tagThe technology has been developed by Finnish company Reslink Solutions, which specialises in ‘proof of attendance’ devices for business in a country where the mobile phone is king. Holding a mobile phone against one of the small tags or chips proves an employee has arrived at a fixed point at a particular time.

The mobile phone display can also show questions relevant to that location and user, then relays real-time information back to head office.

“The technology uses radio frequency identification (RFID) tag stickers or discs which transmit a signal that can be detected by the latest near field communication (NFC) technology available in newer mobile phone models,” explained Mr Mike Lister, who is currently the only supplier in the North West and just one of three in the UK.

It’s like a clocking-on system for the 21st century, only it enables businesses to do far more than just record when staff arrived for work.

“A security company might want real-time evidence that their guards are checking every section of a perimeter fence, or a field service worker could use the system to record their business mileage and log jobs. A care worker could use it to prove that they have visited a patient and to record their medical state

Mr Lister says NFC is an emerging technology that has the power to turn a mobile phone into a multi purpose smart card for shopping and travel.

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