Estate Agent endorses latest technology

As the 25th anniversary of the tragic disappearance of a young female estate agent, Suzy Lamplugh approaches, Mobile-e-Solutions has linked up with Hilary’s Estate Agents, from Blackburn to trial the latest version of its LWP technology to help prevent its agents from potential, similar dangers.

The link sees Mobile-e-Solutions, which offers a definitive inventory of lone working technological solutions that best suit the differing needs of lone workers, provide Hilary herself the  technology  in a two week trial to raise awareness of the issue in the run up to the 28th July which is officially recognised as the date in 1986 when estate agent Suzy Lamplugh was reported ‘missing’ after she went to meet and unknown client in Fulham, West London – she has since been presumed murdered, although her body has never been found.

Mobile-e-Solutions’ Managing Director, Mike Lister, said: “Even today, over 20 years since this happened, many people are simply unaware of the possible dangers that lone workers can face.

Mike added: We can provide solutions to improve personal safety and avoid similar occurrences from happening again; so that lone workers can go about their business with confidence. It is really positive that we are able to work with Hilary to ensure that the memory of Suzy’s disappearance can help to highlight the potential dangers that lone workers such as estate agents potentially still face in 2009.

Hilary of Hilary’s Estate Agents, who works in and around the Blackburn area said: Although many people are aware of Suzy’s disappearance, there are also a lot of people that remain unaware of the potential risks we still might face, especially female lone workers, in the relatively ‘safe’ line of work that we do.

It is very positive, especially in the current economic climate, to have the opportunity to work with an innovative local business to trial this technology which I believe has the potential to be very effective and provide a great deal of reassurance both as an employer and as a female estate agent, who by the nature of my work, often has to deal with ‘lone working’ situations in remote locations, meeting people I have never met before.

Sarah Haddon, Director for Personal Safety from The Suzy Lamplugh Trust states:  All employees who come into contact with the general public can potentially be at risk of violence and aggression. However, anyone on their own – without the support and back up of colleagues – is more vulnerable than most.

Lone workers need systems and procedures that protect their safety. The lack of these can result not only in staff being put in unnecessary danger – and the employer at risk of litigation – but also low morale, lack of motivation, high levels of sick leave and a high staff turnover.

These factors have a negative impact on the organisational performance as well as the individuals. Therefore the Suzy Lamplugh Trust believes it pays both employer and employee to get it right.”

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We continue to defy the “Credit Crunch”

Mobile-e-Solutions continues to defy the “Credit Crunch”

Official figures may show that the UK recession is worsening, but  Mobile-e-Solutions continues to prove its resilience with another new business win, securing a contract with Ryedale Domiciliary Services.

The deal for a mobile ‘Proof of Attendance’ solution affords another homecare provider with significant savings – this time in the region of £11,000 per year compared to what any of Mobile-e-Solutions’ nearest competitors were able to offer.

And, with the recent, damning exposé of some of the UK’s biggest homecare providers by BBC’s Panorama programme, Mobile-e-Solutions’ Managing Director, Mike Lister believes the deal reaffirms that his company’s technology is the perfect solution to ensure the highest standards of care. Mike said: “In the aftermath of the TV investigation, homecare providers have faced increased scrutiny regarding attendance and curtailed care. The solution that we are providing to Ryedale Domiciliary Services offers reassurance not only to service users; but to the care provider, serving as a commitment to service users and families.

The new system, which goes live on 1st June, will involve the placement of ‘tags’ at the service users homes that will be used by the carer to record ‘in’ and ‘out’ times with their mobile phone, on each and every visit. It will also include a customised interface menu to record additional data, logging not only arrival and departure times, but details of the responsibilities fulfilled, along with updates on the clients’ health and well being.

Ryedale Domiciliary Services, which operates across Ryedale and Malton, will initially use the system with nine service users. Philip Horsley who runs the company from his home in North Yorkshire, said: “The reaction of the public and in the media has been understandable; but it is unfortunate every provider has been affected by the actions of the companies exposed by Panorama.”

Mr Horsley added: “The new Mobile-e-Solutions system is not only a state of the art piece of technology; but also a means by which upstanding homecare providers, such as my own, can preserve our reputations and offer peace of mind to those for whom we will continue to provide the highest standards of care.”

For more information on Mobile-e-Solutions and how its mobile phone and ‘proof of’ technology can work for you and your business, please call Mike Lister on 0845 643 4898.




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Restoring the Reputation

Restoring the Reputation of the British Domiciliary Homecare Industry

When a missed appointment can quite simply be a matter of life or death for some domiciliary patients; current concern surrounding carers cutting short visits, or worse, not attending at all, is wholly justified.

The recent, damning exposé of some of the UK’s biggest domiciliary care providers, by BBC’s ‘Panorama’ undercover investigation, has raised serious issues of trust in the industry. With increasing scrutiny, companies now must face up to what they can do to prove that curtailed care is not the industry norm and thanks to Mobile-e-Solutions and its latest technology, we can take steps towards re-shaping and restoring faith in Britain’s home care industry.

The programme, one of the most respected investigative shows on television, used secret filming to unveil problems in homecare providers entrusted to care for tens of thousands of loved ones across Britain – leaving clients, patients, carers and regulators, as well as care companies themselves, seeking reassurances that carers are doing their jobs properly.

The countless examples documented by Panorama, of carers squeezing-in as many visits as possible into small amounts of time, resulting in visits being rushed and those towards the end of the day even being missed; has caused outcry. With erratic attendance, problems occur in even the most basic domiciliary care, such as the provision of food or medication, leaving patients scandalously neglected. Public reaction has been highly critical because so many rely on home care workers to look after family and friends.

The harsh reality of the aftermath of the Panorama Special is that EVERY care provider, and not just those companies exposed by the investigation, now faces a difficult and uncertain future as consumers demand to know that care providers can still be trusted to administer high standards of care, on time, as required and as promised.

“Re-establishing the vital trust element”

With a shell-shocked industry asking where do we go from here, Mobile-e-Solutions believes it holds the key to rebuilding the industry’s integrity. The company plans to help restore attendance as a priority of domiciliary care with its mobile ‘Proof of Attendance’ technology that is able to provide real time information on the visits that carers and staff make, including proof of times they arrive and leave, together with details of work carried out.

Mobile-e-Solutions Managing Director, Mike Lister, said: It is vital to re-establish the fundamental trust element upon which care provision is dependent.

With our latest mobile phone solution, care workers simply touch a tag inside the patients’ home with their mobile phone and our web database is instantly updated, proving when they arrived and when they left; along with options to notify of the type of work they did, of any incidents or on the client’s current general well-being.

He added; “To further the duty of care to patients, we can also provide an Appointment Monitoring Service, which alerts managers when carers are late for appointments so that they can arrange cover and ensure that any attendance problems, such as those highlighted recently in the media, will never be repeated.

“Changes must be implemented for the sake of the patients; for the sake of companies’ reputations; and for the sake of the future of the domiciliary care industry.”

This future clearly lies with solutions such as mobile Proof of Attendance technology to ensure standards are kept and that our nation’s most vulnerable citizens receive the high quality, safe and dignified care they are entitled to.

For more information on Mobile-e-Solutions and how its mobile phone and ‘proof of’ technology can work for you and your business, please call Mike Lister on 0845 643 4898.

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Save Time & Money

In the current economic climate, all businesses are looking at ways to save money and operate more efficiently.

This is especially true for businesses whose workforce operates remotely as it can be difficult to manage their movements, often resulting in money wasted on missed appointments or bad time-keeping.

Mobile-e-Solutions Limited has deployed a simple and easy to use ‘proof of attendance’ system, which can be operated through a mobile phone with no need for expensive PDAs or laptops and which gives clients the reassurance that they are getting a reliable and efficient service.

In sectors such as security or contract cleaning, time is money and while employees are a valuable asset, they can be costly if not managed correctly. For example, in a business with 10 employees earning £5.73 per hour, if just 10 minutes a day is lost by each employee, the resulting loss to the business is almost £2,500 per year.

Mike Lister, founder of Mobile-e-Solutions comments: “We have worked hard to deploy a cost effective package that helps businesses save money by minimizing the loss of billable man hours by monitoring the attendance of remote staff at all times. The technology is compatible with any back office computer system so it’s a very cost effective solution. Employees just need the phone and a package that includes internet access to allow the data to be transmitted back to our server. This information is then accessible to our clients to enable them to monitor and organize their business more efficiently.”

Mobile-e-Solutions has deployed a “Proof of Attendance” package to allow businesses to manage remote staff and minimize the amount of time and money wasted during the working day. This package is available to industry at a cost effective price using the latest mobile phone technology.

So, how does it work? The mobile phone acts as a ‘clocking in’ device providing arrival and departure times, together with details of the work carried out. The data an employee enters into the phone instantly updates a web-based data warehouse which is then fed through to the business’s own system for work flow management, information which can be passed on to the clients, giving them the reassurance that they are getting a good and efficient service.

The technology uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags and Near Field Communication (NFC) allowing customers to prove in real time where employees have been, at what time and what they did while they were there.
Mobile-e-Solutions develops data capture menus specific to a client’s requirements and places RFID tags at relevant locations with a client’s business. When an employee’s mobile phone touches these tags, relevant information, unique to that person, is captured and stored on a web server which can then be accessed by the customer.

Mobile-e-Solutions is an approved Partner of the Finnish company Reslink Solutions Oy, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of mobile phone data capture solutions.


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New Premises

Technology provider, Mobile-e-Solutions has consolidated its business growth by moving into new premises – Earnshaw Business Centre in Leyland and securing them as a client at the same time!

Mike Lister, founder of Mobile-e-Solutions said: “The move into more established, bigger premises was a natural progression for us – the fact that they were so impressed with the products we can supply was a great bonus!

Since the business conception in January 2008, Mobile-e-Solutions has seen significant growth and demand for its unique ‘proof of’ technology solutions and the move into the business centre elevates their business proposition and ability to compete and roll out larger projects.  The increased awareness of what the technology can actually do and how it can be adapted and tailored to individual businesses has been an eye-opener for many SME’s in the area.

Mandy Cardwell, Managing Director of In The Zone which is also part of Earnshaw Business Centre is one such business owner who knew she needed more effective, manageable internal processes but wasn’t aware of how this technology could help.  She said: “I met Mike when he moved into our business centre and it immediately became apparent that he could solve my problems and make the service we offer our clients even more efficient.

Mandy and her team currently use the Mobile-e-Solutions mobile phone and various sticker ‘tags’ to log all their bookkeeping work for various clients both onsite in the office and off-site which instantly makes them more accountable.  By simply activating the client’s tag, they are able to log efficiently the time spent on every client and provide an exact log for more precise invoicing. It also provides a written log that is available if required providing that added value and ‘trust’ between client and supplier.

For more information on Mobile-e-Solutions and how its mobile phone and ‘proof of’ technology can work for you and your business, please call Mike Lister on 0845 643 4898.



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Mike dials into mobile ‘clocking on’ revolution

The following article appeared in the Chorley Guardian on Wednesday 8th October 2008: –

A Chorley businessman has become one of the first in the UK to sell an innovative piece of mobile technology that allows firms track their employees.

Mike Lister, director of Whittle-le-Woods firm Digital-e-Brochures Limited has set up Mobile-e-Solutions Limited to market and sell RFID tags that work with mobile phones to prove that staff have visited premises or attended meetings.

mike lister wiht nokia 6131 & RFID tagThe technology has been developed by Finnish company Reslink Solutions, which specialises in ‘proof of attendance’ devices for business in a country where the mobile phone is king. Holding a mobile phone against one of the small tags or chips proves an employee has arrived at a fixed point at a particular time.

The mobile phone display can also show questions relevant to that location and user, then relays real-time information back to head office.

“The technology uses radio frequency identification (RFID) tag stickers or discs which transmit a signal that can be detected by the latest near field communication (NFC) technology available in newer mobile phone models,” explained Mr Mike Lister, who is currently the only supplier in the North West and just one of three in the UK.

It’s like a clocking-on system for the 21st century, only it enables businesses to do far more than just record when staff arrived for work.

“A security company might want real-time evidence that their guards are checking every section of a perimeter fence, or a field service worker could use the system to record their business mileage and log jobs. A care worker could use it to prove that they have visited a patient and to record their medical state

Mr Lister says NFC is an emerging technology that has the power to turn a mobile phone into a multi purpose smart card for shopping and travel.

We extend thanks to the Chorley Guardian and if you would like more information please email us <here>