As the 25th anniversary of the tragic disappearance of a young female estate agent, Suzy Lamplugh approaches, Mobile-e-Solutions has linked up with Hilary’s Estate Agents, from Blackburn to trial the latest version of its LWP technology to help prevent its agents from potential, similar dangers.

The link sees Mobile-e-Solutions, which offers a definitive inventory of lone working technological solutions that best suit the differing needs of lone workers, provide Hilary herself the  technology  in a two week trial to raise awareness of the issue in the run up to the 28th July which is officially recognised as the date in 1986 when estate agent Suzy Lamplugh was reported ‘missing’ after she went to meet and unknown client in Fulham, West London – she has since been presumed murdered, although her body has never been found.

Mobile-e-Solutions’ Managing Director, Mike Lister, said: “Even today, over 20 years since this happened, many people are simply unaware of the possible dangers that lone workers can face.

Mike added: We can provide solutions to improve personal safety and avoid similar occurrences from happening again; so that lone workers can go about their business with confidence. It is really positive that we are able to work with Hilary to ensure that the memory of Suzy’s disappearance can help to highlight the potential dangers that lone workers such as estate agents potentially still face in 2009.

Hilary of Hilary’s Estate Agents, who works in and around the Blackburn area said: Although many people are aware of Suzy’s disappearance, there are also a lot of people that remain unaware of the potential risks we still might face, especially female lone workers, in the relatively ‘safe’ line of work that we do.

It is very positive, especially in the current economic climate, to have the opportunity to work with an innovative local business to trial this technology which I believe has the potential to be very effective and provide a great deal of reassurance both as an employer and as a female estate agent, who by the nature of my work, often has to deal with ‘lone working’ situations in remote locations, meeting people I have never met before.

Sarah Haddon, Director for Personal Safety from The Suzy Lamplugh Trust states:  All employees who come into contact with the general public can potentially be at risk of violence and aggression. However, anyone on their own – without the support and back up of colleagues – is more vulnerable than most.

Lone workers need systems and procedures that protect their safety. The lack of these can result not only in staff being put in unnecessary danger – and the employer at risk of litigation – but also low morale, lack of motivation, high levels of sick leave and a high staff turnover.

These factors have a negative impact on the organisational performance as well as the individuals. Therefore the Suzy Lamplugh Trust believes it pays both employer and employee to get it right.”

For more information on Mobile-e-Solutions and how its mobile phone and LWP technology can work for you and your business, please call Mike Lister on 0845 643 4898.




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