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Ready for work | Mobile-e-SolutionsMobile-e-Solutions provide proof of attendance solutions & services to industry using the latest mobile phone and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies.

Each RFID tag or label that we utilise has it’s own unique identification code that we  associate with a physical location or asset within your (or your client’s) business. This means that because we know where we have placed each RFID tag, when we detect them we therefore know immediately where & when such detections have taken place.

We use the Near Field Communication (NFC) facility of the mobile phones to detect the RFID tags. The user simply touches the tag with the phone and is then presented with a menu of items to enter.

Each menu item presented to the user depends upon the phone in use and the tag being detected.

You can tailor what information is to be collected from each tag. This may be as simple as just touching the tag as proof that the worker was there, or recording the status of a piece of equipment that is being serviced during the visit.

This means that you have a very powerful tool, that you can configure, for proving where your staff have been and collecting useful information whilst there.

We can also configure the software to operate without the use of RFID tags. This scenario is normally used for sales reps or site inspectors where pre-defined locations may not be available or applicable.

Location Based Services identify specific locations and provide services there.All information collected by the mobile phone instantly updates our Data Warehouse. This can be interrogated by authorised users at any time and you can even make this available as a value-added service to your clients. They would only be able to view data collected from their sites, but imagine the increased customer service levels you could provide by providing an on-line, live update of when your staff visited their sites and what they did whilst there.

To further enhance the service provided, we can develop web services to enable you to take the information collected in our Data Warehouse and update our own back end computer systems.

This means that you can have almost ‘instantaneous’ updates of staff visits to your clients in your (e.g.) CRM software that can trigger future events and planning scenario’s. As an example a site inspector could visit a site, pass it as OK to proceed. This event then updates your field service software package that schedules future visits, orders parts and sub-contractors and plans for the future completion of the project!

Mobile-e-Solutions are able to tailor our solution to fit almost any type of business, to deliver many benefits. Here are just a few:-.

  • A simple and easy to use solution that utilizes a simple mobile phone
  • No need to pay for expensive laptops or PDA’s to enable off site data capture.
  • Offer a value added service to your clients by providing them limited access to their data on via a web browser.
  • Prove to your clients that you are doing your job!
  • Instant confirmation when an employee visits a location or customer.
  • No need for your own back end systems as you have access to our web based database.
  • Integration of our data into your back end system can be provided if required for work flow generation.
  • A scalable solution that can start from one device and be easily upgraded to as many as required.
  • A cost effective solution delivering real business benefits all for a small monthly charge per phone!


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