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Mobile-e-Solutions Limited work with you to get the best out of Solo to deliver more control and accountability into your business, and at the same time delivering a measurable return on your investment.


Mobile-e-Solutions work with you to ensure the best fit for your businessWhatever level of Solo you are deploying (e.g. SoloAdvance, SoloRemote, SoloAttend or SoloCustom), we will analyse your business needs in detail so that we can tailor the solution to best fit your operation.

Once that analysis has been done, we will then design & build the mobile phone ‘menus’ so that they will capture the right information at the right time. We then distribute the menu’s to the mobile phones, to ensure that your staff can capture the right data for their job function.

Whatever Location Based System (e.g. RFID, QR Codes, GPS) you require, we will configure these for use and include them within our Data Warehouse tables. This ensures that when the locations are activated they are recognised by the mobile phones and will therefore generate the right menu for the worker.

By doing this we ensure that the solution we provide always matches the needs of your business.

Once the solution has been configured and built we then provide you with comprehensive training and documentation to enable you to use the system, train other members of staff to use it and manage & enhance the solution into the future.

Following the deployment of the system you will be getting guaranteed proof of attendance data from your staff whilst at the same time providing them with lone worker protection procedures to keep them safe.

Helping you to make sense of the informationWe help you to make sense of all of the data.

As you can imagine, you will be capturing a lot of information as your employees go out on site or to visit clients. We can provide this data to you as either a simple enquiry/report that basically shows you Who, What, Where and When for each of your employees.

We provide many search criteria to allow you to tailor the information selected.
To help deliver a value added service to your clients, you can provide access to their own data, via a secure log in facility, for them to be able to see the service levels you have provided. It has been our experience that by providing such a service to your clients can reduce the number of support calls received whilst significantly improving the service levels you provide.

Furthermore we can, if required, develop Web Services that can be used to update your own back end management computer systems.  In this way, as data is captured by the mobile phones, it can automatically update your own computer systems. This means that you can have a ‘live’ feed of information into your work-flow systems to automatically generate future actions (e.g. a sales rep has visited a customer which could generate the ordering of specific parts for that customer).


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