Low Cost proof of attendance - Mobile-e-SolutionsFor smaller businesses (and budgets) we provide a land line telephone based proof of attendance solution.

Working with our technology partners HT Projects, we can now offer a simple, low cost, proof of attendance system that utilises your client’s existing land-line based phones and free phone numbers to give proof of when staff visit a customer site – all at NO COST to your client.

Simply put, your staff member arrives at a client’s site and uses a (previously registered) client phone to dial one of our free phone numbers, enters their unique PIN number and this registers their arrival. In a similar manner the staff member can dial the same number to register their departure from the client. Because we use free phone numbers there is no cost to your clients.

In this way we can build up a picture of your staff visits to clients, time spent at clients sites and we can then automatically update the SiteAttend solution to provide the automatic payroll updates.

Our low cost attendance monitoring system is another joint venture between Mobile-e-Solutions and HT Projects to deliver quality real-time business benefits to our clients.


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