If your business has staff who work away from the office or who may work alone from time to time then your business needs to have “Proof of Attendance“, “Lone Worker Protection” and “Remote Data Capture” solutions to help keep them safe and accountable.

Mobile-e-Solutions Limited has the right system for you and your business. With our combination of location based technology and mobile phones we can provide:-

  • guaranteed proof of when your staff  have visited clients
  • various levels of lone worker protection to keep your staff safe
  • customisable menu’s to capture data whilst on site.
  • pass messages direct to the user’s phone (without the need for SMS)
  • provide alerts to managers when appointments are missed
  • management reports of work done and costs incurred

All done via your mobile phone!

The solution provides guaranteed proof of when a worker visits a client, allows that worker to access information about the client and record details of work done whilst there.

Lone Worker Protection is provided by either passive monitoring by alerting your alarm response centre that the worker requires to be closely monitored for the next (say) 45 minutes, or by panic alerts that generate immediate alerts to your alarm response centre that a worker is in trouble.

Based around a state of the art system from Reslink Solutions Oy, we provide a complete business implementation solution called Solo.

Below is a list of some industry applications where our mobile phone solutions are used:-

In addition Solo provides solutions for: –



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