With Britain retaining its opt-out from Europe’s Working Time Directive, Mobile-e-Solutions believes it holds the key to enabling employers to efficiently manage working time.

Mobile-e-Solutions for Proof of Attendance and Lone Worker ProtectionThe recent collapse of negotiations aimed at revising the EU’s Working Time Directive means employees, should they choose to do so, are able to continue to work more than 48 hours per week. However, this also poses the question of how to handle the hours of key workers such as hospital staff or other ‘on call’ employees, because the directive that remains in place requires inactive as well as active ‘on call time’ to count towards working hours.

As a result, many employers are now very concerned they may have to recruit further staff simply to ensure compliance – a scenario that to many is quite simply not an option during this recessionary period.

However, Mike Lister, Managing Director of Mobile-e-Solutions, believes that the unique technological solutions his company provides can eliminate this worry. He said: “Maximising company performance by modernising working patterns is now one of the current key issues for UK firms. We can deliver more control and accountability into a business, and at the same time delivering a measurable return on investment.”

He added: “Whilst managing workers’ hours is a legal requirement of the Working Time Regulations; doing it well brings many business benefits too – including: improved forward planning, increased efficiency and productivity, reduced health and safety risks and increased employer-worker relations.

“Our Time, Attendance and Employee Tracking solutions can be used to keep comprehensive time-sheets of working hours enabling the improved scheduling of worker hours, reassigning spare capacity to the benefit of both clients and employees.”

Furthermore, Mobile-e-Solutions can develop Web Services to update back end management and computer systems – so as data is captured by the mobile phone technology, it provides an almost ‘live’ feed of information into workflow systems to automatically generate future actions.

The significance and implications of the outcome of Working Time Directive negotiations are only just becoming apparent to many firms – it is clear that Mobile-e-Solutions offers not only a remedy to any worries businesses are now presented with; but also the opportunity to save hundreds of hours per month and therefore thousands of pounds every year.

For more information on Mobile-e-Solutions and how its mobile phone and ‘proof of’ technology can work for you and your business, please call Mike Lister on 0845 643 4898.


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