Redundancy is a traumatic experience for anyone, but unfortunately, in the current economic climate, more and more people are being subjected to it and worryingly, some people are being wrongly made redundant and are losing their jobs unfairly based on false information.

One industry, in particular, at risk of the latter, is that of remote workers, where businesses often rely on their staff to attend and fulfil appointments under their own steam. Mobile-e-Solutions provides a ‘proof of attendance’ solution, which allows businesses to keep track of its remote employees’ movements  to ensure that they are attending appointments on time and carrying out the required jobs properly.

Failure to have an accurate recording of a worker’s movements could result in customers claiming that workers haven’t turned up at the required appointment time or completed the work as instructed. This ultimately could result in redundancy or dismissal for the worker if the customer claims they haven’t fulfilled their obligation.

In some cases, however, customers may make false accusations to avoid paying for services rendered and therefore the Mobile-e-Solutions “SoloAdvance” package protects not only the individual workers but also the business for which they work by providing an accurate, real time, information service to verify the worker’s whereabouts.

Mobile-e-Solutions’ Managing Director, Mike Lister, explained the rationale behind the solution : “Our aim with the proof of attendance package is to protect individuals and the companies they work for. With real time data capture, there is no ambiguity about the worker’s whereabouts or the status of any job. This is not only reassuring for our customers but also a key business tool to ensure they are protected with their customers.”

He added: “The technology is so simple that employees can go about their work in a much more efficient and independent way with the reassurance that their progress is being tracked and there is real evidence of their movements should anyone make false claims against them.”

This new technology is helping businesses and organisations across the country to reduce the number of unfair dismissals as it eliminates the uncertainty of a where a worker is and what he is doing.

For more information on Mobile-e-Solutions and how its mobile phone and ‘proof of’ technology can work for you and your business, please call Mike Lister on 0845 643 4898.



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