Remote Workers

If your business has a number of remote workers then you need to ensure that they are safe, productive and that you know where they are. SoloAdvance will allow you to do just that.

SoloAdvance to help keep remote workers safe and productive
SoloAdvance is the complete product for lone or remote workers.

SoloAdvance is aimed specifically at businesses that have a number of remote workers and require more than just proof of where someone has been.

With SoloAdvance you get a number of features that allow to know where your staff are, what they are doing and that they are safe: –

  • proof of attendance
  • location based services (to provide information on site)
  • capture data on-site (to remove the need for time-sheets)
  • capture photographic evidence at the scene
  • mission critical appointment monitoring
  • passive alerts (to inform management about possible problems)
  • panic alerts (to inform management of an immediate threat or situation)

In addition, to help keep you in touch with your remote workforce, SoloAdvance provides a messaging service  that you can use to alert workers of new information, new jobs or visits or anything that your business may require.

SoloAdvance, utilising the Reslink system, is the most comprehensive and simple to use system for mobile and lone workers on the market.


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