Mobile-e-Solutions is proud to announce the launch of our new Jobs Maintenance system.

Computer service engineer in server roomWe have teamed up with HT Projects Ltd (a Chorley based software development company) to provide a complete Jobs Maintenance system that can be used at the heart of SoloAdvance.

Maintenance jobs are recorded on SoloAdvance against specific locations either on-site by operatives via their mobile phone or by supervisors using the back end database. These new jobs are then automatically sent, via the Job Maintenance module, as direct messages (not SMS) to the maintenance engineer’s mobile phone.

Within moments of a repair job being raised the engineer responsible for that site is aware of the new job and can prepare for the visit. Information is passed back to the main system whenever the engineer reads the new job messages so you have visibility of job acceptance.

When the maintenance enginner arrives on site he simply touches his mobile phone to the pre-positioned RFID tag to get a list of all outstanding jobs for this location. He selects which one he is fixing and enters details of the repair and whether complete or partially fixed – the back end system is imediately updated.

He can then move onto the next job safe in the knowledge that the system has been automatically updated.

Your business thus collects in-field data quickly and more accurately, helping you provide a better service to your clients and giving you immediate visibility of field service visits and data logged by workers.

Service engineer ready for duty - learn moreWeb based KPI reports and enquiries allow both managers and your clients to access real-time information that can also be automatically transferred to other operational systems.

The field service worker needs to carry only one device, a mobile phone, in order to confirm where he is, for how long, and the tasks performed while he was there. Additional expensive and difficult to use mobile devices such as a PDA are not required, and time-consuming and error-prone manual form-filling is greatly reduced.

Contact Mike on 0845 643 4898 or email for more information.

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