If you are active in the guarding industry the answer is most likely yes. Regardless if you use check point sticks or you’ve embraced mobile technology, you still have to start and finish your rounds.

Your guards have to perform, among other things, several rounds a day and this can and should be an automated process with real-time performance monitoring. This helps you become more efficient and able to respond to your client’s needs.

rounds management part of SoloAdvanceMore and more companies are now looking to get real-time data from the field – in most cases you would want to know what is happening with your employees.

Are they OK? Have they started their rounds? Are there any incidents to report? Are they late?

All these questions can be easily answered with our workforce solution that uses mobile technology to provide real-time data reporting. This gives you choice and flexibility when it comes to your mobile workforce operations.


Here are several benefits that you can look forward to when opting for our mobile workforce solution for your guards:-

  • Immediate reaction to whatever is happening in the field
  • Immediate reaction to something that was supposed to happen but didn’t
  • Real-time incident reporting with sound, photo and video
  • Automated reporting for your organization and any other stakeholders
  • Set up alarms and alerts for mission critical events
  • Time your rounds duration, start and finish time based on your customers’ and legal requirements
  • GEO fencing to ensure the location tags are where they are supposed to be.
  • Get a higher ROI from faster response time, lower insurance premiums and improved field processes
  • Get a full audit trail of all your field operations
  • Offline mode which enables your guards to complete tasks even in remote places without network coverage

SoloAdvance provides Rounds management to give you (and your client’s) complete, real-time visibility of your security patrols and any incidents that may occur.

If you are interested to learn more about how Rounds Management within Solo Advance could help your business perform more efficiently, please contact Mike on 0845 643 4898 or email info@mobile-e-solutions.com


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