In the current economic climate, all businesses are looking at ways to save money and operate more efficiently.

This is especially true for businesses whose workforce operates remotely as it can be difficult to manage their movements, often resulting in money wasted on missed appointments or bad time-keeping.

Mobile-e-Solutions Limited has deployed a simple and easy to use ‘proof of attendance’ system, which can be operated through a mobile phone with no need for expensive PDAs or laptops and which gives clients the reassurance that they are getting a reliable and efficient service.

In sectors such as security or contract cleaning, time is money and while employees are a valuable asset, they can be costly if not managed correctly. For example, in a business with 10 employees earning £5.73 per hour, if just 10 minutes a day is lost by each employee, the resulting loss to the business is almost £2,500 per year.

Mike Lister, founder of Mobile-e-Solutions comments: “We have worked hard to deploy a cost effective package that helps businesses save money by minimizing the loss of billable man hours by monitoring the attendance of remote staff at all times. The technology is compatible with any back office computer system so it’s a very cost effective solution. Employees just need the phone and a package that includes internet access to allow the data to be transmitted back to our server. This information is then accessible to our clients to enable them to monitor and organize their business more efficiently.”

Mobile-e-Solutions has deployed a “Proof of Attendance” package to allow businesses to manage remote staff and minimize the amount of time and money wasted during the working day. This package is available to industry at a cost effective price using the latest mobile phone technology.

So, how does it work? The mobile phone acts as a ‘clocking in’ device providing arrival and departure times, together with details of the work carried out. The data an employee enters into the phone instantly updates a web-based data warehouse which is then fed through to the business’s own system for work flow management, information which can be passed on to the clients, giving them the reassurance that they are getting a good and efficient service.

The technology uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags and Near Field Communication (NFC) allowing customers to prove in real time where employees have been, at what time and what they did while they were there.
Mobile-e-Solutions develops data capture menus specific to a client’s requirements and places RFID tags at relevant locations with a client’s business. When an employee’s mobile phone touches these tags, relevant information, unique to that person, is captured and stored on a web server which can then be accessed by the customer.

Mobile-e-Solutions is an approved Partner of the Finnish company Reslink Solutions Oy, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of mobile phone data capture solutions.


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