Solo for Workforce Management.

Based around the Reslink Solutions proof of attendance system, Solo is the generic name for our system that delivers proof of attendance, remote data capture, appointment monitoring, lone worker protection and much more.

Especially suited for contract cleaners, domiciliary homecare workers, field service engineers or security guards, Solo provides many features for data capture, incident recording and photographing as well as helping to keep staff safe. All of the menus that are presented to users on their phones are completely user definable to allow you to match the menu to the user and the location at which they are attending.

It can easily be configured for a number of different business environments: –

  • SoloRemote – for lone and remote workers
  • SoloAdvance – for multi-site operations with many workers and supervisors
  • SoloAttend – for a remote ‘clocking in’ type scenario
  • SoloCustom – to enable you to custom build the application for each business

With our latest addition of the rostering system SoloTimePlan we now have the complete service to allow you to plan and monitor your remote and mobile workforce.

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