GPS now available with SoloAdvance

With many of the newst mobile phones with NFC also providing GPS capability, SoloAdvance can now utilise the GPS capabilities to provide additional services for our users.

GPS locations can be used to capture informationLocations can be anywhere.

Previously locations had to be identified by RFID tags,  QR codes or bar codes. With more and more NFC enabled smart phones coming with GPS technology, a location can be defined as a defined latitude and longitude (i.e. GPS location).

Instead of the user arriving at a location and touching a tag to prove where he/she is, they can now simply get within (say) 10metres and check in with SoloAdvance and the system will then activate the menu appropriate to that location.

In this way users are able to set up locations anywhere for temprary or permanent information to be recorded.

Additional Safety for Lone Workers

The addition of GPS technology can now provide a means of tracing users between locations. This can be an invaluable tool in helping to keep lone and remote workers safe.

SoloAdvance can be configured to send the current GPS position of the user’s phone at regular intervals. These are recorded on our database for instant proof of where a user is. These transactions can also be viewed within Google Maps to get a visual trace of where the employee has been.

At Mobile-e-Solutions we strive to adhere to all HR legislation and to this end the user is informed when he logs in that the phone will be tracked.

If your staff regularly move between locations then this GPS monitoring solution can help in the provision of care you are duty bound to provide to all of your staff. keeping them both safe and accountable.

If you would like to learn more about GPS tracking, please contact Mike on 0845 643 4898 or email:


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