SoloRemote for Lone Workers

Designed specifically for the Lone or Remote Worker, SoloRemote provides a comprehensive Passive and Panic “Lone Worker Protection” system.

In “Passive” mode the lone worker can tell the system that he is about to go into a potentially hazardous situation (or somewhere new), where that situation is and how long he will be there fore. If the worker then fails to check in and confirm he is safe, then alerts are immediately sent out to your Alarm Response Centre and/or managers to take appropriate action.

In “Panic” mode, the remote worker simply touches his designated panic tag with his mobile phone and as well as alerts being sent out, the mobile will automatically dial your alarm response centre to allow them to listen in on the call and summon emergency services if appropriate.

In addition we provide mission critical appointment monitoring services to inform you is remote workers fail to make scheduled appointments. Thus allowing you to contact your staff to check on their safety and to make that preemptive call to your clients that your staff member may be late.

SoloRemote, therefore, allows you to configure the service to meet the needs of your business and your staff’s welfare.



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