Use GPS Locations when RFID is inappropriate

You can use GPS locations if RFID tags are not right - Mobile-e-SolutionsYou all know how RFID tags (when permanently fixed to walls, posts and other strategic patrol points) can provide you with guaranteed proof of attendance of staff when used with SoloAttend. How do you manage, however, if  you cannot use or it is impractical to fix RFID tags on a patrol route? It could be a temporary patrol for a limited period or a site owner may not want tags attached – there are any number of reasons why. GPS Locations are the answer.

With SoloAdvance you can simply turn on GPS tracking on the application and the phone will send GPS locating transactions at regular intervals during a patrol. In this way you will track a guard on patrol (offoerin LWP as Well) but you will not be able to record much information whilst on route.

SoloAdvance is capable of so much more however. You can use “GPS Locations”. You can set up set points on your route as GPS Locations and allocate a GPS position to each point (this is a simple matter to do using Google maps or other such tools).