New shopping centre clients for AM Support Services

Paul Nelson & John Shaw from AM Support Services

It has been a great experience working with AM Support Services to help them implement their latest successes in the North East of England. Six prestigious shopping centres went live during April in East Yorkshire and Northumberland and our SoloAdvance product was an integral part of the installation.

AM Support Services provide a facilities management solution for their clients that involves security patrols, cleaning services and washroom services. The standard deployment of SoloAdvance allows AM Support Services staff to record shift patterns, patrols and incidents as well as providing both passive and panic lone worker protection. (more…)

Low Cost Attendance monitoring

Low Cost proof of attendance - Mobile-e-SolutionsFor smaller businesses (and budgets) we provide a land line telephone based proof of attendance solution.

Working with our technology partners HT Projects, we can now offer a simple, low cost, proof of attendance system that utilises your client’s existing land-line based phones and free phone numbers to give proof of when staff visit a customer site – all at NO COST to your client.

Simply put, your staff member arrives at a client’s site and uses a (previously registered) client phone to dial one of our free phone numbers, enters their unique PIN number and this registers their arrival. In a similar manner the staff member can dial the same number to register their departure from the client. Because we use free phone numbers there is no cost to your clients. (more…)

Duty of Care

SoloAdvance - Proof of attendance and lone worker protection helping with your duty of careWe provide a business solution that helps our clients to fulfil their duty of care to their staff.

Whether you work in the security guarding, domiciliary homecare, contract cleaning sectors or you have a field service company you will all have one thing in common – you have staff that work away from the office and often work alone.

You have a duty of care to these staff to ensure that they are safe and secure and you have a duty of care to your company to ensure that your staff members are supplying your services to your clients in a timely, agreed and efficient manner.

That’s what we do!


Good Practice at AM Support Services

AM Support Services choose SoloAdvanceDuring their current round of SIA Auditing (which they passed with flying colours) AM Support Services were praised by the SIA for a number of good practices.

One area of praise that was identified during their audit revolved around the use of SoloAdvance within their business operation: –

The Company use an easy-to-use mobile phone proof-of-attendance solution that can be configured to suit the requirements of both the security guards, the Company itself and its customers. (This is provided by Mobile-e-Solutions Ltd).

By touching pre-positioned RFID tags with their mobile phone, proof of a guards’ attendance at a particular location, and at a particular time, is instantly recorded.

After registering the location, the system can also present the guard with a list of context sensitive options on his/her phone – options that may be related to the type of location or perhaps the specific customer.

For example the officer can select to report an incident or record the status of their visit and if appropriate take a picture of the incident. (more…)