Compliance Reporting – A Case Study

Mobile-e-Solutions has been providing compliance reporting for our clients for many years now. The following case study shows how a recent implementation of this has helped one of our clients meet their SLA’s and improve the service that they provide to their customer.


Ready for work | Mobile-e-SolutionsOur client provides Facilities Management services (including security services) to a large manufacturer/distributor in the Midlands. Due to the terms of the contract, the client has to provide defined security patrols at set time-slots in the early morning and late evening. Failure to visit all locations in these patrols would signify a failure to meet their service levels.

It is an important requirement, therefore, that we report on any locations NOT visited during the set patrols.

SoloAdvance allows the security guards to record each patrol transaction – when each location was visited and what actions (if any) were done as the result of the patrol. The issue was to be able to prove to the client that their security officers were actually doing the work and not missing any points. All in a simple one page report that highlights missed patrols. (more…)

Do you work with rounds?

If you are active in the guarding industry the answer is most likely yes. Regardless if you use check point sticks or you’ve embraced mobile technology, you still have to start and finish your rounds.

Your guards have to perform, among other things, several rounds a day and this can and should be an automated process with real-time performance monitoring. This helps you become more efficient and able to respond to your client’s needs.

rounds management part of SoloAdvanceMore and more companies are now looking to get real-time data from the field – in most cases you would want to know what is happening with your employees.

Are they OK? Have they started their rounds? Are there any incidents to report? Are they late?

All these questions can be easily answered with our workforce solution that uses mobile technology to provide real-time data reporting. This gives you choice and flexibility when it comes to your mobile workforce operations.