Do you work with rounds?

If you are active in the guarding industry the answer is most likely yes. Regardless if you use check point sticks or you’ve embraced mobile technology, you still have to start and finish your rounds.

Your guards have to perform, among other things, several rounds a day and this can and should be an automated process with real-time performance monitoring. This helps you become more efficient and able to respond to your client’s needs.

rounds management part of SoloAdvanceMore and more companies are now looking to get real-time data from the field – in most cases you would want to know what is happening with your employees.

Are they OK? Have they started their rounds? Are there any incidents to report? Are they late?

All these questions can be easily answered with our workforce solution that uses mobile technology to provide real-time data reporting. This gives you choice and flexibility when it comes to your mobile workforce operations.


Systems for Mobile Cleaners

Solutions to monitor your mobile cleaner teams - Mobile-e-SolutionsDo you face the challenges of managing your mobile cleaner teams and all the processes and paperwork needed to keep track of everything and does this drive you mad?

Well, we have the perfect combination of experience and technology to help you streamline it all, whether you are looking for simple proof of attendance or need a complete system for facilities management.

Delighted to introduce you to Mobile-e-Solutions Ltd to you.


New shopping centre clients for AM Support Services

Paul Nelson & John Shaw from AM Support Services

It has been a great experience working with AM Support Services to help them implement their latest successes in the North East of England. Six prestigious shopping centres went live during April in East Yorkshire and Northumberland and our SoloAdvance product was an integral part of the installation.

AM Support Services provide a facilities management solution for their clients that involves security patrols, cleaning services and washroom services. The standard deployment of SoloAdvance allows AM Support Services staff to record shift patterns, patrols and incidents as well as providing both passive and panic lone worker protection. (more…)

Low Cost Attendance monitoring

Low Cost proof of attendance - Mobile-e-SolutionsFor smaller businesses (and budgets) we provide a land line telephone based proof of attendance solution.

Working with our technology partners HT Projects, we can now offer a simple, low cost, proof of attendance system that utilises your client’s existing land-line based phones and free phone numbers to give proof of when staff visit a customer site – all at NO COST to your client.

Simply put, your staff member arrives at a client’s site and uses a (previously registered) client phone to dial one of our free phone numbers, enters their unique PIN number and this registers their arrival. In a similar manner the staff member can dial the same number to register their departure from the client. Because we use free phone numbers there is no cost to your clients. (more…)

Event Planning – SoloEvent

SoloEvent - Event management solutions for planners. Mobile-e-SolutionsThe planning and allocation of staff for events can be a time consuming and frustrating experience. Lots of spreadsheets matching staff skill sets to the requirments of the event, the exchange of emails, SMS texts and phone calls to use staff all lead to a stressful operation.

Working in conjunction wth HT Projects we now have a solution, SoloEvent that takes away the headache from event planning.

This solution works with your staff’s existing mobile phones, so no need for specialised phones!