SoloTimePlan is a fully web based scheduling and rostering application.

It provides managers with multiple staff planning calendars that supports a rolling plan of which contracts need to be fulfilled and which staff are allocated to which job within any contract.

It provides coordinators with various views and filters to make reviewing large amounts of schedule data easily visible. Views can be monthly, weekly, daily or as project time. The system is typically used where there are large numbers of hourly paid staff on various locations such as in the domiciliary care environment or the security industry.

Co-ordinators can view their own staff or project calendar. However, they can also query other workers and allocate them to their contracts. There are validation checks within the scheduling system to stop double bookings. Contract templates can be set up by any user and these can then be deployed to reduce the amount of data entry required, where shift patterns follow a regular cycle.

SoloTimePlan can be implemented in either a stand-alone mode or can be fully integrated with SoloAdvance to provide comprehensive management information and business KPI’s.

For more information about SoloTimePlan please look at the main SoloTimePlan page.

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